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Freshly handmade

"Our products are freshly handmade to order just for you!"

We hand pack our raw honey jars directly from the field. The raw honey is frozen for 2 weeks at -20 degrees. This unique ice honey, sets up in the dark to a luxurious spreadable honey butter. Our raw honey is bursting with unique floral bloom and is sure to please the most discerning honey connoisseur.

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What's new at Sweet Pure Honey? Read our blog posts below:

green island farming coSweet clover crops improve soil structure all while providing nutritious feed for our bees. Sweet Clover creates healthy compost which help maintain soil fertility.

Together with Green Island Farming Co, we are going to do what we can to support local pollinator initiatives. Green Island is a family farm located just outside of Medicine Hat. They create natural organic fertilizer and potting mix. They had at me at making an honest living while being socially responsible and helping the environment.

Sweet Pure Honey is proud to sponsor its Project Wildflower. For every bag of craft compost they sell, 10 wildflowers will be planted.

How sweet is that?

project wildflower

Stores Carrying and Using Sweet Pure Honey Products

These businesses support Canadian beekeepers and pay a fair price for our raw honey, directly to us. Hand packed fresh from our bee farm and delivered to our stores, your purchase supports Direct Farm Profit. A portion of our honey sales is donated to support local bee and pollinator programs in our local community. Please call individual store to check stock availability.

ontario stores

Jubilee Market
Food Market / Raw Honey
104 Allan St.
Oakville, ON L6J 3N1



saskatchewan stores

Saskmade Market Place
Food Market / Raw Honey
1621 8th St. E
Saskatoon, SK S7H 0T2



alberta stores

Food Market carrying our Raw Honey, Honey Soap & Organic Beeswax Cosmetics
Medicine Hat store
1601 Dunmore Road SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 1Z8

alberta stores

McBrides Bakery
Raw Honey
1791 Dunmore Road SE
Medicine Hat, AB



alberta stores

Industry Pub
Restaurant/Pub using fresh local produce, they use our fair trade raw honey.
919 Railway Street SE
Medicine Hat, AB


alberta stores

Cafe Verve
Coffee shop using fresh local produce, they use our fair trade raw honey.
1775 Dunmore Rd SE
Medicine Hat AB


alberta stores

Station Coffee
Raw Honey
644 2nd St SE
Medicine Hat, AB


alberta stores

Mad Hatter Roastery
Raw Honey
Coffee shop using fresh local produce, they use our fair trade raw honey.
513 3rd St SE
Medicine Hat, AB


alberta stores

Zucchini Blossom
Raw Honey
Coffee shop using fresh local produce, they use our fair trade raw honey.
50 3rd St NE
Medicine Hat, AB

alberta stores

Medicine Hat Brewing Company
Local brewery using fresh local produce, they use our raw honey.
1366 Brier Park Dr. NW
Medicine Hat, AB


alberta stores

Deerview Meats
Raw Honey
Irvine, AB


alberta stores

Premium Sausage
141 Mildred St.
Seven Persons, AB



alberta stores

Organic Tan
Raw Honey / Activated Charcoal Honey Soap
1020 640 Kingsway Ave SE
Medicine Hat, AB


alberta stores

Pharma Save
Raw Honey
114 Broadway Ave E
Redcliff AB

Well Spring has finally sprung, sort of. Although the farm is still covered in snow and below average temperatures, our beekeeper will be heading home to Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan. It is that time of the year when all things bees start buzzing again and the warehouse will once again become full of activity. Sheldon got a Go Pro and will be capturing more live footage of bees and our stunning landscape. Be sure to follow his Instagram @smokeybeekeeper account and please let him know what you would like to see, ask him questions, he will answer them.

sweet pure honey spring

We have added the 7kg pail to the online store. This pail will see you save $50.00 over our regular priced 1 kg raw honey jars. Just remember to keep your raw honey pail cool. There is a popular misconception that raw honey never goes bad, based of the story of edible 3,000 year old honey found in the pyramids. Yes if raw honey is sealed, kept cool and not exposed to air it will keep. However every time you open that big pail of honey and dig into it, everything in the air enters the pail, best to take out a small amount and store the pail in a cool dark place.

sweet pure honey pails

I have also added some beeswax food wraps to the store. These custom made bee foodwraps are handmade in Victoria by Goldilocks Wraps. I am going to slowly add products that fit our green living theme.

This weekend sees the kids and I head back to Kelowona, BC for the spring Craft Culture market. Looking forward to staying at Hotel Zed and breathing in the pine scented fresh air! I made a decision if I have to work, we might as well play too! You can follow our adventure on our sweet pure honey Instagram and Facebook social media accounts.

It is hard to believe I am now traveling with 3 teens, instead of 3 toddlers. This whole journey started from wanting to provide a better future for our family. We wanted to experience life and grow with our children, instead of just existing and struggling to make ends meet.

sweet pure honey family     sweet pure honey kids

I have now learned life always comes with challenges and we are blessed to have a healthy family moving forward. Although we face a different set of challenges with raising 3 teens in today's world, the downturn in the AB economy and below average market prices for honey for the second year in a row, we are still hopeful and grateful. Our commitment to each other and our family remains constant. Faith and honesty can carry you along way!

On a final note if you haven’t seen the new Netflix documentary on honey it is a must watch. Having a first hand glance of what is really going on in the honey industry will give you a deeper appreciation for all the hard working bee farms out there.

I am still beyond grateful when people want to tell our story, a big thank you to Tim Kalinowski for putting this piece together.


With our first born baby turning 16 this month, I have been quite an emotional mess. It is hard to believe that many years has passed by. As I prepare to drive out to west coast, my appreciation of all the ground work I laid to get here is evident.

IMG 6781

With the release of our new FLOW®HIVE video 

I am set to tell and share our story with new buyers. To date the video had been viewed on facebook over 7,600 times, showing the real power of shares on social media.

Flow Hive Video Views

Vancouver, BC Gift Expo

This month sees me returning to the Vancouver Gift Expo I am looking forward to the drive out.

Stella Stehn

Honey Conversion Chart

People always ask me for my honey recipes, basically any place you use sugar you can substitute with our raw honey. Here is a great sugar to honey conversion chart: http://eatbeautiful.net/2015/05/24/exact-conversion-chart-sugar-honey-when-baking/

  • 1/4 cup sugar--> 3 T. honey, reduce oven temperature by 25 degrees
  • 1/3 cup sugar--> 3 T. + 1 tsp. honey, reduce oven temperature by 25 degrees
  • 1/2 cup sugar--> 1/3 cup honey, add 1/4 tsp. baking soda, reduce potential liquid by 1 T., reduce oven temperature by 25 degrees
  • 1 cup sugar--> 3/4 cup honey, add 1/2 tsp. baking soda, reduce potential liquid by 1/8 cup (2 T.), reduce oven temperature by 25 degrees
  • 2 cups sugar--> 1 cup + 6 T. honey, add 1 tsp. baking soda, reduce potential liquid by 1/4 cup, reduce oven temperature by 25 degrees

Here are my honey eats I am enjoying this week:

Clover Raspberry Jam with balderson cheddar and pears

Clover Raspberry Jam with balderson cheddar and pears

Honey beet wild dill and champagne vinegar coleslaw

Honey beet wild dill and champagne vinegar coleslaw

Sweet Pure Honey Direct Farm Profit

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