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* Beeswax burns at a higher temperature, always make sure you burn beeswax candles in an open fire proof container

Freshly handmade

"Our products are freshly handmade to order just for you!"

We hand pack our raw honey jars directly from the field. The raw honey is frozen for 2 weeks at -20 degrees. This unique ice honey, sets up in the dark to a luxurious spreadable honey butter. Our raw honey is bursting with unique floral bloom and is sure to please the most discerning honey connoisseur.

Freshly handmade

Orders are custom made fresh in small batches. Canada Post shipping costs will be added to your cart total. We will email you to request payment. (Payments accepted: Credit cards, E-transfer, Cheques)

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Beeswax Tealight Candles Hand Poured / Small Batch

(10) Beeswax Tealight Candles - Hand poured using all cotton wicks
Directly support CA Bee Hives
Beeswax Candles - Beeswax TealightsBeeswax Candles - Beeswax Tealights
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  • Bag of 10 hand crafted beeswax tealights. (comes with 3 reusable plastic tealight cups)
  • Using 100% filtered Alberta beeswax, and all cotton wicks, we gently pour our candles to order.
  • 1 tealight burns between 4-5 hours
  • In an effort to cut down on single plastic use, Sweet Pure Honey is now providing only 3 plastic tealight cups for you to reuse.
  • Burn your beeswax tealight cup clean. Once cooled pop the metal wick holder out, and replace with a fresh beeswax tealight.
  • We have given you an extra candle as our thanks for your support to clean up our packaging and reduce our plastic use where we can.

REMEMBER: Always burn your beeswax candles in an open fire proof container. Never leave beeswax candles unattended. Beeswax burns hot, never place anything above a burning beeswax candles.

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